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The creator of horror films like “Hostel” and “Cabin Fever,” Eli Roth, gives the holiday a terrifying new twist in his most recent slasher flick, “Thanksgiving.” The movie centers on a group of college students who travel to Plymouth, Massachusetts, only to get caught up in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a murderous assailant brandishing guns with Thanksgiving-themed armaments.

A Dark Story Emerges

The unaware students quickly come to understand they are not alone as they relax into their comfortable rented cottage for the long weekend. They are stalked by a masked person dressed in a pilgrim outfit, with a cornucopia full of dangerous things, a pumpkin mask, and a knife for slicing turkeys, among other festive instruments of dread.

Gradually, the kids become victims of the unrelenting assassin, and their joyous Thanksgiving celebration turns into a terrible battle for survival. The movie expertly combines violent sequences with suspenseful moments to keep viewers on the edge of their seats the entire time

Reviews from critics and information to download

Critics have given “Thanksgiving” favorable reviews, praising its uniqueness, tense atmosphere, and gory thrills. The performances in the movie have also received appreciation, with Patrick Dempsey, Addison Rae, and Gina Gershon receiving special recognition.

“Thanksgiving” is a must-see if you enjoy horror films and want to add something spooky to your Thanksgiving movie lineup. But be advised—this movie is not for the weak of heart.

How to Get “Thanksgiving” for Download?

Currently, you can download the movie from a number of stores, such as Google Play, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video.


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Here are a few more movie-related details:

DirectorEli Roth
WritersGuy Busick and Ryan Murphy
StarsPatrick Dempsey, Addison Rae, and Gina Gershon
GenreHorror, Slasher
Runtime90 minutes
Category Horror Movie

Thus, muster your bravery, turn out the lights, and get ready for a Thanksgiving unlike any other. Just keep in mind that it’s already too late when you hear the gobble of death.

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